Welcome to CGI Studio 3.6, Socionext’s software development platform for development of hybrid 2D and 3D graphical interfaces for Automotive Systems. This page provides information about the most important features added since the last release. In this release the focus was on the integration of the redesigned CGI player, culture management in Scene Composer, Monotype support and new Controls with key handling. A special highlight among the controls is the dynamic list. Please see the details below.

RenderMode for SceneEditor 2D/3D to show RenderTarget Alpha Blending

With CGI Studio 3.6 we introduce a new render mode for the scene editor for 2D and 3D scenes. The user is now able to switch between “Normal Scene Editor Rendering” and “Alpha Blending Scene Editor Rendering”. The new render mode allows you to easily identify transparent objects. This is especially useful for devices that support hardware layer blending.


Drop Shadow Effect and Outline Effect also available for TextNode2D

The newly implemented OpenGL 2D effects

  • OpenGL Drop Shadow Text Brush Blend and
  • OpenGL Outline Text Brush Blend

offer the possibility to add these visual effects also to TextNode2D.


2D SolidColorBrushColorBlend Effect

A SolidColorBrushColorBlend effect adds a color effect to the existing SolidColorBrushBlend effect. It multiplies the FillColor with the Color. This effect can be useful when it comes to reusing ColorEffects out of an effect, to multiply a color with the actual color to blit; especially in cases where the original color should be preserved, but should be changed for certain effects.


2D Effect SolidColorBrushColorBlend

Integration of Monotype

Users of CGI Studio can now use the commercial font engine Monotype (iType) together with its WT Shaper as alternative to the already used Freetype, Harfbuzz and ComplexScript engines. Switching to Monotype can easily be done using CMake.

Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop from ToolBox to SolutionExplorer

To make CGI Studio SceneComposer even more convenient and userfriendly we introduced the possiblity to Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop items from the Toolbox to the SolutionExplorer. The performed Drag&Drop operation automatically creates a copy of the source object. It can be used to create your own variants of the controls delivered in the construction kit.

Integration of the CGI Player into SceneComposer

With CGI Studio 3.6 CGI Player can be started from within the SceneComposer for a smoother and more convenient handling of design and design verification workflow.

CGI Player Re-Design

Speaking of the CGI Player: it now features a fresh new design – both in the UI and internal architecture setup – for an improved user experience.

Handling of Keyboard incl. Virtual Keyboard Events

With CGI Studio 3.6 it is now possible to directly react on virtual Key Events using the concept of Behaviors.

Line Spacing Customization

With CGI Studio 3.6 the user can customize the way multi-line text is imported from Photoshop. This allows an even smoother integration of Adobe tools and CGI Studio.

Generic Transformation is optional

In order to increase the performance when rendering, the generic transformation used for 3D Nodes, Canvas Nodes and also for Textures, has become an optional parameter in SceneComposer.

Advanced Cluster Sample Solution

A new Advanced Cluster Solution has been added to the Sample Solutions that can be found on the startup screen of CGI Studio SceneComposer 3.6. It shows how to create an advanced cluster without the need of application logic. It is just using Controls for implementation and therefore works with the CGI Player.


Advanced Cluster Sample Solution

Freetype Font Streaming

Instead of loading a complete font from asset file into RAM it is also possible to use the Freetype custom IO stream API where only the required bytes are requested from the font. This feature is especially useful for big fonts and it can be done on a font-by-font basis. It is still possible to select the memory-based font data access strategy.

Offline Shader Compiler Plugin for R-Car D3 Integrity

With CGI Studio 3.6, a shader compiler plugin for Scene Composer is provided for Renesas R-Car D3 Integrity platform. This new shader compiler also supports offline compilation. All shaders and only those shaders that are used and are part of the asset library are compiled.

PSD Exporter sets Text Height

The PSD Export now sets the Layout Size of the TextNode2D to the text area size from Photoshop. The TextNode2D’s clipping behavior is adapted so that rendering area is big enough for rendering complete lines and then apply clipping to the area.

Pivot Point

With CGI Studio 3.6 Scene Composer uses a real pivot point instead of a pivot offset. The pivot point is used as center point for rotation and scaling. It is available for 2D and 3D. A gizmo – an orange circle with an orange dot inside – shows the position of the pivot point in 2D scenes.

In 2D the existing translation modes (Pivot and Object, Pivot only, Object only) are now based on the real pivot point:


Memory Usage Improvements

For CGI Studio 3.6 the memory Usage for large solutions has been improved significantly.

Integrated Text Management

CGI Studio now allows multi-language handling and internationalization conveniently during design time within the familiar design- and simulation-tools. This reduces the efforts for culture handling (languages combined with fonts) significantly and shortens development time.

Unique Identifiers for Behaviors

With CGI Studio 3.6 unique identifiers for behaviors have been introduced. For this, an Identifier class has been introduced which matches any arbitrary string path / string tree. The concept is derived from Java String Interning (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_interning).

Support for True Type Font Container (TTC)

An Iterator has been implemented to iterate over the names of the faces contained by a TTC font. The order in which the face names are provided by the iterator is a hint for the index that needs to be passed at Font::Setup(name, index), to properly load the expected face.

New Controls for Infotainment Applications

Additional controls to support the no-coding approach inside CGI Studio:

  • Toggle Button
  • Digital and Analog Clocks
  • Input Fields for receiving Keyboard inputs

Complex Dynamic List supporting Data Binding

Databinding UI

With Scene Composer 3.6 each bindable property of a Behavior, Widget, Behavior Building Block or Control will have a button next to the property that allows to define or break a link to a data source.

The buttons indicate if the binding is established or not:


Sequential and Bidirectional Transitions

With CGI Studio 3.6 it is possible to configure transition rules, which result in a sequential playback of the respectively involved transition fragments. This allows playback of transitions in both directions as well as other convenience features with the goal to cut down development time even further.

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