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Much more than attractive optics: High-quality Industrial HMIs can help avoid costly mistakes, speed up the on-boarding process of new operators and reduce maintenance costs.

Used to control Industrial IoT (Internet of things) devices as well as complex manufacturing, energy, and industrial systems run by relatively few operators, Industrial HMIs typically include a visual representation of the system being controlled, which in turn makes training much easier and provides operators quick and intuitive insight into the status of their equipment.

Industrial HMIs can be deployed in virtually any industrial application, from machine operations and maintenance panels to logistics management and warehousing.

As industrial automation trends continue to grow, well-designed HMIs are increasingly crucial for operational success. Let CGI Studio help you create your HMI in the fastest, most efficient way.

It is time to harness the full potential of your industrial applications while providing an exceptional user experience.


Industrial Solutions

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Building a perfect GUI is not a single step, but a process. We can assist you in every stage of this HMI development chain. CGI Studio is the perfect UI tool to create individual GUIs with your own design while including functional safety and multi-language support.

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