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Our team assists with updates, trainings and maintenance support of your special product, on an on-site or remote basis depending on preference.  We are not just selling a software platform; the goal is to share the HMI know-how and experience with our customers. Please find the most common faqs and their answers below. For more technical questions please visit our online forum lighthouse or contact us.

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To answer all your questions concerning CGI Studio please use our support forum lighthouse where you can find important information and answers at technical faqs concerning CGI Studio.


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Any questions about CGI Studio? Go browse through our frequently asked questions and find the answer you need.

What is CGI Studio?

CGI Studio is a scalable and hardware independent software platform. The open architecture allows deep integration and automatization into your company’s workflow. The software enables creation of brilliant and customizable HMIs of all kinds for the automotive area and beyond.

Who works with CGI Studio?

Graphic designers, system architects and software engineers use CGI Studio to create state of the art HMIs.

In which fields of application is CGI Studio applicated?

CGI Studio is a software tool for the automotive area. It enables creating brilliant HMIs for clusters, IVIs, head-up displays and rear seat entertainment. Furthermore CGI Studio is used for the creation of HMIs in the home appliances sector and equipments like induction stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and many more.

Which operating systems and hardware platforms are supported?

CGI Studio is hardware and operating system independent. Check out some examples.

Does CGI Studio support 2D and 3D?

Yes, through the dedicated Candera 2D and 3D Render Engines.

Do I need to have software programming skills?

For the beginning and as a graphical designer you could easily start by graphically assembling your project with our predefined controls and templates. When it comes to complex projects you will need some programming skills.

What performance does my hardware platform need to offer?

CGI Studio can support low end micro controllers through software rendering and scales up to the most recent high end graphics controllers.

How flexible is CGI Studio when it comes to system architecture?

CGI Studio supports domain computing and hypervisor, as well as multi-display and multi-processor approaches.

Is CGI Studio a proven tool?

Yes, CGI Studio is well known and accepted for many years in the automotive and general embedded business.

Does CGI Studio support functional safety setups?

Yes, CGI Studio provides an optional functional safety module according to ISO26262 (ASIL A/B) and targeted on automotive clusters.

What about the price?

Please contact us for an offer concerning your personal HMI idea. We are looking forward to getting into contact with you and sending you a personal offer.