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Safety first: HMI creation for Medical devices

Welcome to a new era in medical device interfaces, where CGI Studio, with over two decades of experience in car HMIs and safety-critical applications, is set to revolutionize the healthcare industry. CGI Studio empowers you to create advanced human-machine interfaces for medical devices that prioritize precision, safety, and user-friendliness – for mission-critical HMIs.

With CGI Studio you can do no wrong as you create high-end HMIs for all your medical devices – be it for home or hospital use.


Medical Solutions

Explore different Medical applications – all of them realized with CGI Studio.

Blood Pressure HMI

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Building a perfect GUI is not a single step, but a process. We can assist you in every stage of this HMI development chain. CGI Studio is the perfect UI tool to create individual GUIs with your own design while including functional safety and multi-language support.

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