Socionext Embedded Software Austria (SESA) and Socionext Inc. will be exhibiting at the 1st Automotive World Nagoya, September 5 to 7, at Portmesse Nagoya International Exhibition Hall. We are proud to showcase CGI studio, the one-stop solution for creating brilliant 2D/3D HMIs like digital instrument clusters, head-up displays, infotainment systems and many more. Make sure to visit the SESA booth 9-10 in hall 3 to learn more about CGI Studio and how it helps you improve key features like user experience and driver safety.

Nearly every car in the future will host multiple graphical user interfaces

Holistic Demo

SESA will present a completely new holistic HMI demo. The Holistic Demo created with CGI Studio and based on Android/Linux will show, how multiple displays are perfectly interacting and communicating with each other. This is possible due to our powerful messaging and data binding tool Courier Interaction Framework for smooth interaction between the HMI application and external data sources. Based on modern hypervisor technology the Holistic Demo will combine both: seamless communication and maximum user experience.

Holistic HMIs will not only have the ability to perfectly interact and communicate with each other, they will be able to connect with nomadic devices (e.g. Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto) and consider both: the driver’s situation as well as the traffic environment. Therefore when talking about holistic HMIs we’re also talking about new technologies like augmented reality.


Holistic HMIs enable to dynamically use content across multiple displays

AR Head-up-Displays

We believe that it is time to bring the driver’s attention back to where it belongs: onto the road. We see the upcoming trend of Augmented Reality and HuD becoming a standard feature of the modern car. With built-in warping and low latency rendering of the powerful embedded Candera Render Engine, CGI Studio is the perfect solution for developing dynamic applications like AR-HuDs. By projecting the main information into the line of sight driver distraction is reduced tremendously.

With more than 50 Million cars equipped and over 18 years of experience in embedded HMIs it is our conviction, that holistic HMIs will be the logical approach. The world’s top OEMs and TIER1s are enabled through CGI Studio to follow this idea.

Demonstrations at the SESA Booth and Presentation at the Exhibitor’s Forum

Learn more about these topics and explore the new Holistic Demo as well as the Functional Safety Cluster (ISO26262), the Android Demo, and more at our booth.

Also make sure to visit the SESA presentation at the exhibitor’s forum hall 3 talking about current trends in development and usage of automotive HMI tools. We’re looking forward to meeting you on September 5th, 2018 at 11:00 am. The presentation will be made in Japanese.

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