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CGI Studio

CGI Studio is a scalable and hardware independent HMI and GUI design software. The open architecture allows deep integration and automatization into your company’s workflow. All this is accomplished with one tool while still retaining the necessities of fast bootup time, small footprints and the critical automotive standards and regulations of ASIL, MISRA and SPICE. The software enables creation of brilliant and customizable HMIs of all kinds for the automotive area and beyond.

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Multiple GUI applications

Instrument Clusters

CGI Studio allows you to develop unique 2D/3D automotive clusters directly to your hardware of choice and into the market – as fast as possible.

IVI and rear seat entertainment

Infotainment systems (IVI), rear seat entertainment and much more – CGI Studio is the one-stop solution for all of your HMI ideas.

Head-up displays

With built-in warping and low latency of Candera Render Engine, CGI Studio is the perfect tool for dynamic applications like AR HuDs.

Home appliances

Create brilliant GUIs for the next generation of home appliances like induction stoves, refrigerators or innovative washing machines.

Scene Composer

Scene Composer is the central tool in the CGI Studio environment and is used to import graphical artwork from designers, create sceneries as they appear on the target system, combine sceneries with business logic, and finally to export content for the target hardware. The Scene Composer is capable to handle 2D and 3D content at ease and allows easy creation of modern HMIs including stunning animations.

Platform Support

Native support for all relevant automotive platforms



Scalable GUI from low-end 2D up to highly advanced 3D graphics rendering



Full support for OpenGL ES 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 including extensions


Seamless automotive workflow from design to target


Highly optimized for runtime and memory performance


Integrated functional safety (ISO 26262)



Proven in many projects for
leading OEM and TIER1 customers


Very efficient variant handling for large-scale projects with a lot of different car types

CGI Environment

CGI Studio comes with an entire environment including great tools for prototyping, testing and fine tuning of your design.


Scene Composer

Scene Composer is the central tool in the CGI Studio environment and is used to import graphical artwork from designers.

CGI Player

CGI Player provides a runtime environment to view and control HMIs created by CGI Scene Composer on both host and target.

CGI Analyzer

CGI Analyzer provides an intuitive graphical user interface to easily identify and track down performance bottlenecks in Candera applications.


CGI Globalization Support is a tooling environment for language and culture management in embedded systems.

Photoshop Importer

Import of PSD files with the structure and exact positions of the HMI content defined in the file.

Candera Graphics

CGI Candera Graphics Engine defines the software core component to create modern, platform independent, state-of-the-art 2D/3D HMIs.

HTML5 Module

The HTML 5 module offers the possibility to integrate an external webkit with a CGI Studio application.

Courier Interaction

The Courier Interaction Framework is used for message handling and data binding between CGI Studio and any state machine.

Memory Manager

This module enables full control to achieve efficient memory handling and to prevent memory fragmentation.

ISO 26262

This module for functional safety enables ISO 26262 validated rendering for functional critical components in the car.

Asset Library Shaper

The Asset Library Shaper allows creation and management of several Asset files.

State machine Connector

The State Machine Connector allows connection of modeling tools with CGI Studio.

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GUI Development process


Building a perfect GUI is not a single step, but a process. We can assist you in every stage of this development chain. CGI Studio is the perfect tool to create individual GUIs with your own design, while including functional safety and multi-language support.

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