Aim of the website relaunch is to present SESA’s product “CGI Studio” in a new and modern design. For this reason the previous website has been completely renewed.The new site has a modern layout, is fully responsive and features new content like the company and team introduction, the services area, the support area and much more.

A major goal was to create a full responsive design, allowing the site to automatically accommodate the platform and the screen size it’s being viewed on. This is an important matter – for more and more visitors are surfing the internet using tablets and mobile phones.

Another focus was placed on the start page as it is the first page the user is going to see. It gives an overview about all contents of the website and enables an easy introduction to SESA and CGI Studio.

The entire website has been optimized with specific attention also placed on usability and user experience.

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CGI Studio Movie-Blog - Chapter 2

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Part 2: The glTF Design Workflow with CGI Studio - by Georg Stevenson (Candera GmbH)

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