Socionext and ArtSpark Holdings Agree on Transfer of Socionext Embedded Software Austria

Yokohama, December 17, 2018 — Socionext Inc. and ArtSpark Holdings Inc. (“ArtSpark”) announced today that they have agreed to transfer the entire share of Socionext Embedded Software Austria GmbH (“SESA”), currently owned by Socionext Europe GmbH, to ArtSpark. The transfer is scheduled to be completed at the end of January 2019.

Socionext delivers SoC (System-on-Chip) products and solutions to the global market, for a variety of automotive applications including cockpit (meter clusters), drive recorders, around-view monitoring solutions, in-vehicle infotainment and autonomous driving. SESA is one of the bases for Socionext’s automotive solution businesses. Located in Linz, Austria, the company has been developing and delivering its HMI (Human Machine Interface) authoring tool “CGI Studio”.

Over the years, CGI Studio has defined itself as a key HMI authoring tool to enable Socionext’s high-quality automotive graphics SoC solutions. Since CGI Studio is designed to be hardware-independent, the business opportunities for equipment using non-Socionext SoCs are increasing. In order to enable and secure future development and growth of SESA and CGI Studio, Socionext decided to transfer the business to a company who has rich expertise in the development and sales of HMI authoring tools and services in automotive and industrial area. After the thorough consideration and discussion, Socionext has reached an agreement with ArtSpark on this transfer. Socionext intends to strengthen its business in the automotive field, where the significant market growth is expected. It will focus its resources on developing high value-added solutions based on its SoC and software products, and continue aggressive investment.

SESA will become a part of the ArtSpark Group and will lead its activities for the development and sales expansion of CGI Studio. In certain regions, Socionext will continue the sales and customer support of CGI Studio, after the transfer is completed.

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