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视频比文字更有说服力。欢迎浏览我们为您提供的参考设计,了解CGI Studio能为您提供哪些服务。

GUI Development process with Candera CGI Studio

Creating brilliant HMIs can be easy. CGI Studio allows the development of unique 2D/3D graphical user interfaces, directly to your hardware of choice and into the market – as fast as possible. Explore the world of CGI Studio.

Haptic HMI solution created with Candera CGI Studio

Candera, next system, and DATA MODUL, have been cooperating on the development of an innovative HMI solution, supporting intuitive touch feedback technology. Featuring different use cases in application fields like industry, nautics, medicine and many more, the solution also includes a haptic pin pad, that supports person with visual impairment.

Candera CGI Studio on Infineon TRAVEO™ II

Candera is excited to announce that it has been accredited as first certified partner within Infineon’s HMI Tool Certification Program. Within this program Candera has successfully set up a full virtual animated dashboard as well as a warped dual Head up Display using CGI Studio and the TVII-C CPU boards, while leveraging all the HW features that the GPU offers.

MAN CitE Truck – Full Digital Cluster (image movie)

For MAN Truck & Bus SE the full digital instrument cluster of this innovative MAN Truck has been implemented with Candera’s HMI Design tool CGI Studio.

Candera CGI Studio on Cypress Traveo II

Full digital instrument cluster created with Candera’s CGI Studio on Cypress Traveo II supporting all available features like multi-core, as well as all-render modes – from IBO, LBO to OTF.


Karma Revero 2018

Developed with Candera’s CGI Studio, this safety certified cluster with Android integration features multiple 2D/3D scenes displaying elements like Speedometer, Media, Tell Tales, Navigation, Weather, ADAS and many more.

Holistic Cluster and IVI Solution

Full digital instrument cluster & IVI interacting with each other – both created with CGI Studio


CGI Studio Holi Cluster + IVI

CGI Studio Home appliances HMI solution

CGI Studio Cecil Cluster + IVI

CGI Studio嵌入式系统开放图形库3.0样件

CGI Studio嵌入式系统开放图形库3.0样件


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