CGI Studio视频博客

欢迎来到我们的视频博客,在这里,我们的成员谈论当前的HMI趋势,我们的愿景、解决方案以及我们的HMI设计工具CGI Studio令人兴奋的新功能。


Chapter 1: The Holistic HMI Approach

by Roberto Hofer (Technical Sales and Project Manager Candera GmbH)

Abstract: We believe the future car will host even more graphical UIs, turn into a mobile living room and office, and connect to nomadic devices like smartphones and tablets. While the driver’s world is getting more versatile, OEMs and TIER1s are facing the challenge of keeping track with this development. With more than 50 Million cars equipped and over 18 years of experience in embedded HMIs it is our conviction, that holistic HMIs will be the logical approach.

Chapter 2: The glTf based Design Workflow

by Georg Stevenson (Manager Graphics Engine Development Candera GmbH)

Abstract: Following the open and continuous toolchain paradigm, Candera GmbH recently introduced the support for using state-of-the-art 3D models imported from the new Khronos exchange format glTF. Using glTF within the CGI Studio workflow enhances the design process and reduces the need for optimization. Automated shader generation for physically based rendering and the possibility to deploy scenes directly to target greatly speed up evaluating the designers vision.

Chapter 3: The CGI Studio No Coding Approach

by Martin Scheuchenegger (Candera Tooling Development)

Abstract: Usually the realization of user interfaces requires programming a lot of code. UI elements should show a certain behavior, react on user and data input. Candera’s HMI design tool CGI studio enables the creation of complex user interfaces without programming a single line of code. It helps you to quickly create powerful applications using controls, data binding and state machines.

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