Learn more about the most important features added since the last release.

HMI Report

The HMI Report feature parses a solution to gather information on various elements like:

  • How many bitmaps are loaded in this solution?
  • How many of them are actually used and which is the biggest/smallest?
  • Which controls/behaviors/texts are in the solution and where are they used?

The HMI report is presented as a set of HTML documents, which can be customized to the users requirement. The documents are linked to one another through a navigation bar.

Scene Composer

HMI Report Customization Dialog

State Machine Extensions for Sub-charting and Debugging

The state machine now brings new modeling and debugging capabilities. For example sub-charts, used to abstract and hide modeling details of complex states and transitions, or the possibility to inspect the active state, transition dynamics and executed actions by attaching to a running Player and opening the State Machine panel.

New Controls

Breadcrumb Control

CGI Studio 3.7 provides a hierarchical navigational aid for user interfaces called Breadcrumb.


Control: Breadcrumb

Circular Slider Control

In addition to the Slider, there is now a circular version called Circular Slider.

Control: Circular Slider

Control: Circular Slider

Dial Control

A Dial behaves similar to a physical rotary switch.

Control: Dial

Drawer Control

CGI Studio 3.7 provides a control that allows to hide content that can be shown again when it is needed.
This control is Touch Screen compatible, but can also be used with Events.


Control: Drawer

Icon Button Control

The Icon Button is a new addition to the Button and TextButton.


Control: Icon Button

Particle Emitter Control

CGI Studio 3.7 provides a way to implement Particle Effects with Controls and Behaviors.

There is a Showcase for different Particles Effects integrated in the 3D Effects Solution.


Solution: 3D effects

Spin Box Control

CGI Studio 3.7 provides a Spin Box. It’a classic UI usecase for increasing or decreasing values.


Control: Spin Box

CGI Studio Player


The CGI Player now enables you to connect via TCP/IP to the running application on the target platform. Without the need for writing a single line of control-code you are able to remotely run, control and monitor your target-application from your PC. This speeds up testing of your application massively.


The newly introduced possibility for recording this TCP/IP communication allows you to replay it as often as you wish. This really helps to create automated test-cases and debug your applications.”



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