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Welcome to our Movie-Blog in which company members talk about current HMI trends, our visions and solutions as well as exciting and new features of our HMI Design Tool CGI Studio (in English language). Enjoy watching!

Chapter 1: The Holistic HMI Approach

by Roberto Hofer (Technical Sales and Project Manager Candera GmbH)

Abstract: We believe the future car will host even more graphical UIs, turn into a mobile living room and office, and connect to nomadic devices like smartphones and tablets. While the driver’s world is getting more versatile, OEMs and TIER1s are facing the challenge of keeping track with this development.

With more than 50 Million cars equipped and over 18 years of experience in embedded HMIs it is our conviction, that holistic HMIs will be the logical approach. Holistic HMIs will not only have the ability to perfectly interact and communicate with each other, they will also be able to connect with nomadic devices and applications (like e.g. Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto) considereing both: the driver’s situation as well as the traffic environment.

Chapter 2: glTF based UI Design Workflow with CGI Studio…coming soon

by Georg Stevenson (Manager Graphics Engine Development)


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