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Willkommen zu unserem Movie-Blog, in dem unsere Mitabeiter in regelmäßigen Abständen über aktuelle HMI Trends, unsere Visionen und Lösungen sowie spannende Features unseres HMI Design Tools CGI Studio berichten (ausschließlich in englischer Spache!).

Viel Spaß beim Ansehen!

Chapter 6: Candera LINK

by Jürgen Zauner (Senior Software Architect) – June 2020

Abstract: Nowadays HMI applications often are distributed among several devices and locations. For example the same content has to be shared between head up display, instrument cluster, rear seat entertainment and mobile phones. HMI frameworks are often not able to handle this gap.

How can Candera help to support such a scenario? Candera Link application development is based on a Service oriented architecture. Services are requested from a central hub and the communication between devices and processes is done by Link. This dynamic and flexible service approach and event driven service related interaction helps developers to easily achieve a well structured system of applications.“


Chapter 5: Augmented Reality

by Christina Piberger (Software Engineer Candera) – January 2020

Abstract: Augmented Reality can be displayed on many different devices. You can use head-mounted displays, or portable devices, or even head-up-displays in cars, where the windshield itself becomes the display. Candera’s HMI design tool offers a powerful set of mixed reality features that enable you to easily create your own AR experience. Learn more in this movie-blog.

Chapter 4: Open HMI Design

by Thomas Kaufmann (Technical Sales Manager Candera) – October 2019

Abstract: We believe that the future will bring more graphical user interfaces then ever before. This will allow improved user guidance, better graphical representation and immersive entertainment experiences. Hence the complexity of creating those UIs has started growing dramatically. Let’s show you how Candera enables an open approach to seamlessly combine technologies for creating the best possible UIs.


Chapter 3: The CGI Studio No Coding Approach

by Martin Scheuchenegger (Candera Tooling Development) – August 2019

Abstract: Usually the realization of user interfaces requires programming a lot of code. UI elements should show a certain behavior, react on user and data input. Candera’s HMI design tool CGI studio enables the creation of complex user interfaces without programming a single line of code. It helps you to quickly create powerful applications using controls, data binding and state machines.

Chapter 2: The glTf based Design Workflow

by Georg Stevenson (Manager Graphics Engine Development Candera) – May 2019

Abstract: Following the open and continuous toolchain paradigm, Candera GmbH recently introduced the support for using state-of-the-art 3D models imported from the new Khronos exchange format glTF. Using glTF within the CGI Studio workflow enhances the design process and reduces the need for optimization. Automated shader generation for physically based rendering and the possibility to deploy scenes directly to target greatly speed up evaluating the designers vision.

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Chapter 1: The Holistic HMI Approach

by Roberto Hofer (Technical Sales and Project Manager Candera) – March 2019

Abstract: We believe the future car will host even more graphical UIs, turn into a mobile living room and office, and connect to nomadic devices like smartphones and tablets. While the driver’s world is getting more versatile, OEMs and TIER1s are facing the challenge of keeping track with this development. With more than 50 Million cars equipped and over 18 years of experience in embedded HMIs it is our conviction, that holistic HMIs will be the logical approach.

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