The world’s largest trade show for advanced automotive technologies, Automotive World in Nagoya, closed its doors with record breaking numbers 36,281 visitors – and this although Japan was hit by the strongest typhoon since 25 years. SESA was presenting an exciting mix of innovative demos and technologies in the area of embedded HMI design and introduced a completely new holistic HMI Demo, the „Holi demo“.


SESA and SNI booth team at Automotive World in Nagoya

SESA‘s new Holi Demo has been created with CGI Studio and is based on Android/Linux. It showed the perfect interaction and communication between a full digital instrument Cluster and an IVI system. This is possible due to SESA’s powerful messaging and data binding tool Courier Interaction Framework for smooth interaction between the HMI application and external data sources. Based on modern hypervisor technology this Holistic Demo combines both: seamless communication and maximum user experience.

Additionally to the new Holi Demo SESA also showcased the Cecil Demo (Cluster + IVI), the Functional Safety Cluster Demo, a new Andriod Demo and many more.

CGI Studio design tool, Cypress Cluster Demo and Miranda demo (from the left)

All demos, especially the new Holi, demo drew much attention and got very positive response from the participants.

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