Candera exhibited at “The Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 ONLINE”, which took place from 26th May to 30th July.

 The Automotive Engineering Exposition is Japan’s largest technical exhibition for automotive engineers, providing the latest technologies and products to the world. The Automotive Engineering Exposition was first held in 1992 as an exhibition specializing in automotive technologies for engineers and researchers active on the front lines of the automotive industry, and this was the first time to have been held online.


The Candera booth showcased the latest novelties in the fields of Automotive HMI design and Embedded Software, including the latest version 3.10 of “CGI Studio”, and innovative haptics HMI solutions that support intuitive touch feedback technology.

 Furthermore, “Smart Importer”, a main feature of “CGI Studio” that won the first prize at the Car HMI Europe Awards 2021, was displayed.


  CGI Studio 3.10

Japanese interface on “Welcome Page” and “Toolbar” in Scene Composer.


Candera’s multilingual user-interface “Scene Composer” is now available in English and Japanese. To make sure every user gets on board quickly and can use the full potential of CGI Studio 3.10, the Candera team has enhanced samples and tutorials.


There is now for example a new “Quick Start Guide” for CGI Studio 3.10 for quick user onboarding, using an instrument cluster sample.



AI based “Smart Importer”


This new feature is part of CGI Studio 3.10 and has been developed to support users without any programming skills to easily create stunning HMI solutions. Smart Importer turns static graphic files like Adobe® Photoshop, Sketch or Axure® RP into full functional HMIs, making complex programming routines obsolete.


Using this unique and revolutionary import technique, all users will be able to experience improved work efficiency and increased speed in the creation of prototypes, as well as quickly respond to constantly changing market trends and customer demands.

 In a comparative survey, it has been shown that by using Smart Importer, development time can be cut down by 40% for HMIs and up to 75% for prototypes.



Haptic User Interface


Together with next system and DATA MODUL, Candera has developed an innovative HMI solution, supporting intuitive touch feedback technology. Featuring different use cases in application fields like industry, nautics, medicine and many more, the solution also includes a haptic pin pad, that supports a person with visual impairment.


Apart from those solutions, Candera presented several other innovative HMI solutions for the Automotive industry, like EV Cluster solution and the Holistic HMI approach.



Based on over 20 years of experience in the embedded software development together with our broad customer base we have created a mature feature-rich and customizable product. In fact, CGI Studio today covers all aspects of automotive GUI development and beyond. Furthermore, we’re closely working together with our customers and industry partners to provide solutions for present and future HMI needs.


Candera providing HMI solutions with 50 million units installed



About Candera

Candera is a leading HMI tool provider and development partner for worldwide automotive and industrial customers.

Candera supports its customers with the CGI Studio tool environment as well as provision of software services mainly in the areas of HMI development and embedded software.

Candera GmbH in Linz / Austria and Candera Japan, Inc. in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / Japan are both part of the ArtSpark Group situated in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / Japan.


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